Transport Synopsis Comparing the assessments of European
transport industry foresights.
Developed by RACE2050

Relevance rankings for shaping future competitiveness of European transport industries

1 = Not mentioned at all
2 = Somewhat relevant
3 = Clearly relevant
4 = Highly relevant/crucial

Competitiveness parameter definitions

7 primary parameters

Business awareness

Ability to understand current or upcoming demands and frame conditions, and thus to adapt and to modify business models.

Environmental issues and policies

Relevance, impact and level of environmental awareness among public and policy-makers and effectiveness of dealing with those.

Energy and raw resources price

Impact of prices for energy and raw resources (oil, gas, coal etc.).

Geo-political landscape

Relevance of geo-political changes, new shapes, and their consequences to the market accessibility and conditions.

Infrastructure condition

Shape, quality and quantity of (physical) infrastructures necessary to carry out business.

R&D background

Research and development environment at its different levels (company, national, sovranational).

State of European integration

Level of economic cooperation and political integration between EU Member States.

8 secondary parameters

Technological preparedness

Ability to adapt, anticipate and modify technologies to current or upcoming demands and frame conditions.

Trade condition

Relevance of framing trade conditions and global trade agreements.

Financial environment

Relevance of available and accessible financial sources for investments and financing of infrastructures and industries.

Globalized products and services

Relevance of products and services that are distributed rather globally than locally or nationally.

ICT development

Relevance of developments in information and communication technology.

Value chain breadth and international scope

Relevance of products and services produced in international supply chains.

Market size

Relevance of EU’s “domestic” European Single Market size.

Urbanisation and demographic

Relevance and level of urbanization and demographic shifts.